Fanflipped for
the Artist


How Can Fanflipped Help Me 'The Artist'?

Fanflipped gives you the performer the power to set your own agenda! Fanflipped allows you to create campaigns and get paid to play more sold out shows and events.

  • All the money raised on the campaign will go directly to you, the artist/performer
    • There is Zero, that’s right Nada fees the artist has to pay to Fanflipped
  • Set up your own campaigns and promote your events to your fans
    • Want to play in multiple cities? Set up multiple campaigns and see which ones can raise the amount you need to perform in that location
  • Learn where your fan base is
    • You can better plan venues and have insight into which events are worth scheduling on your shows or tour
  • Play more Sold-Out shows
    • Ability to book venues to hold the number of people that have contributed to your campaign

From up and coming performers to established local artists, Fanflipped can give you more opportunities to play for money and get the exposure you need to build your fan base and have successfully funded events.

How Do I Get Set Up On Fanflipped?

It is a simple, easy and quick process which is FREE. Follow the steps below and you’re set!

  • First thing is to ‘Sign Up’ and create an account with Fanflipped!
  • ‘Log In’ and go to ‘Create a Campaign’. Follow the 3 steps to create your campaign.
  • ‘Fan Pass’ amount – How much would someone need to contribute to be able to see you live? $5/$10 or an amount to make it successful for you.
  • How long do you want to run the campaign? Normally 15-30 days is a good length of time.
  • Upload photos and video when creating your campaign to make it more effective.
  • Once approved by the Fanflipped team you will be notified. Promote and raise as much money as possible to make it a success.
  • Once the campaign ends you can decide if you want to play for that amount.
  • If you accept then you will need to play within the 6 months of the campaign end date.
  • You will be responsible for booking the venue and confirming a date.
  • All money raised on the campaign will go directly to you (The Artist) and all contributors will receive a ‘Fan Pass’ for the event with details of time and location.

Fanflipped does not charge the performer for using the platform and looks to help promote the campaign. Once the campaign has ended and the artist agrees to play there would be a contract in making sure the artist has set a venue, date and time. Only half of the funds would be released once these details have been confirmed, and the rest paid once the event has ended.

If you have any questions about getting started let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out our FAQs.

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